CAFE held training for audio descriptive commentators at FC Karpaty.

The Centre for Access to Football in Europe donated equipment for audio descriptive commentary for partially sighted and blind fans to FC Karpaty, and on the 10th of May training for commentators took place in the office of the club.

At first the participants discussed the differences between the TV and audio descriptive commentary and the main principles of the a.d. commentary. Then practical exercises were offered, so participants, for the first time got the opportunity to experience what it is like to be an audio descriptive commentator.

There was also a special guest at the training – Oksana Potenko, a blind supporter of FC Karpaty, she took an active part and helped young commentators to understand how they should describe everything on the pitch.

In the near future some participants of the training will get the chance to commentate an FC Karpaty game for partially sighted and blind fans at the Ukraine stadium in Lviv.

A version of this article is also available in Ukrainian and Russian.

Published 17/05/2013