CAFE has submitted a report to UEFA highlighting the issues faced by disabled supporters ahead of and during the UEFA Champions League Final in Paris.

The report draws on information provided within our own pre-Final stadium access appraisal submitted to UEFA, as well as feedback from appointed accessibility monitors, the City of Paris' General Delegation to the Olympic and Paralympic Games and Major Events, and a large number of disabled fans.

50% of disabled people in Europe have never attended a live public or sporting event and a third have never taken a day trip or gone abroad.

We were deeply saddened to hear from a number of disabled fans that, following this Final, they would not be confident in attending future Finals or travelling to international away matches. Finals such as this should be a celebration of the world’s most popular game – it should not risk decreasing the number of disabled fans wanting to attend live matches.

We were also disappointed that, despite the feedback provided during and after UEFA EURO 2016, sufficient improvements had not been made at the stadium and sightline issues still presented a major problem.

Taking consideration of the number of accessibility tickets made available for the match, safety and security incidents outside of the stadium, and the feedback of disabled fans inside the stadium, the report encompasses the whole experience of disabled fans attending this Final and gives clear recommendations to be addressed before future matches.

It calls upon UEFA, local authorities, and the independent review that UEFA has commissioned, to include disabled fans and their feedback in their investigations.

The report also demands stronger accessibility regulations and monitoring for hosts of UEFA tournaments and Finals, from sufficient accessible viewing areas to disability inclusion and etiquette training for all staff, stewards and volunteers.

The feedback that we received highlighted a number of key points to address, and through our report we have sought assurances from UEFA, in the form of action, that disabled fans will be able to enjoy accessible and inclusive Finals going forwards.

CAFE calls upon UEFA and local authorities to hold meetings with disabled fans, and their representative groups (e.g. Level Playing Field and Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association), to understand the implications of decisions on disabled spectators and how to prevent such barriers and negative consequences in the future.

Disabled fans voices need to be heard, and lessons need to be learned, to ensure these mistakes do not reoccur.

We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who shared their experiences with us and helped to inform this report.

If you attended the UEFA Champions League Final and would still like to share your feedback, photos and videos with CAFE, please email us at [email protected] or call +44 (0)203 355 9867.

Published 10/6/2022