To launch the CAFE Week of Action 2017, CAFE were invited to present at a two-day disability workshop hosted by the Malta Football Association (MFA).

Managing Director Joanna Deagle and Administration and Fans Liaison Officer Amy Wilson travelled to Valletta, and presented to MFA staff and representatives of Maltese clubs on the importance of the Disability Access Officer role. They also provided CAFE Disability Inclusion and Etiquette Training, providing advice and support on how to provide an accessible and inclusive welcome to disabled people.

Joanna and Amy also met with the Commission for the Rights of Disabled People (KNPD) to discuss their works and offer CAFE's support. KNPD represents the rights of all disabled people in Malta, and this includes disabled football fans.

CAFE carried out a number of access appraisals at Maltese stadiums, and made suggestions where small changes could make a big difference for many disabled fans. New accessible seating provisions have also been identified, and improved accessible facilities within the hospitality section of the Ta' Qali National Stadium have been created.

A meeting was also held with the Maltese Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sport, where CAFE's works and ongoing cooperation with the MFA was discussed.

During the Disability Inclusion and Etiquette Training, the club representatives and local authorities in attendance commented on how they now had a raised awareness around communicating with disabled people and the importance of taking a pan-disability approach.

CAFE will continue to liaise with the MFA and KNPD on access and inclusion in Malta, and we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in the CAFE Week of Action activities!

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