CAFE recently had the privilege of participating in the Sporting Change Forum, an incredible platform where the transformative power of sports is celebrated and scrutinised.

The discussions centered around the unique social challenges connected to sports, and our team in attendance raised the importance of the experiences of disabled fans.

CAFE was represented by CEO Olivier Jarosz and Partnerships and Development Officer Rijul Sharda at the Forum.

Sessions in the hall of the United Nations in Geneva, focused on transformative leadership and cultural change in sports. Discussions included the role of ESG, particularly the 'S' (social aspect), in sports, addressing human rights due diligence, regulations, and responsibilities.

There was a significant emphasis on addressing racial inequality, and the need for truth, justice, repair, and reconciliation in sports. Additionally, the transformative future of women's sports, was a key topic, along with landmark cases redefining responsible sport and engaging young journalists in communities at mega-sporting events. 

Olivier noted, "The role of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles in sports was a major topic, highlighting how these practices are not just corporate responsibilities but also crucial in the world of sports. For us, inclusivity of disabled people was a highlight to raise, particularly as we celebrated International Day of Disabled People on Sunday. The sessions also provided an opportunity to meet with our peers from UEFA, FIFA and the world of sport in its large ecosystem. It was an opportunity that we could not miss!".

As we celebrate #HumanRights75, the significance of recognising and leveraging the power of sports for positive change cannot be overstated.

Rijul shared, "The powerful opening remarks from the keynote speech by the Canadian Minister of Sport and Physical Activity, Carla Qualtrough, struck a chord with our mission of enhancing global accessibility through sports, particularly for disabled people. Minister Qualtrough shared her personal journey, revealing early-life challenges due to her being partially sighted".

"She emphasised how the world wasn't initially accommodating to her needs. Over time, she recognised her rights and the importance of feeling like any other person, advocating for more accessible and inclusive facilities for everyone", added Rijul.

Our team left the Forum with positive energy and hope, and we look forward to the opportunity for future partnerships in 2024!

Published 7/12/2023