On 17th and 18th of September 2013, CAFE’s Head of Development in Eastern Europe Elena Karpukhina and CAFE’s Project Coordinator in Ukraine Olena Zhyvaikina, participated in a seminar “Disability discrimination: from understanding to reaction” in Kharkiv.   

This event was organised by the Coalition for Combatting Discrimination in Ukraine. Among the participants were also representatives of human rights non-governmental organisations, journalists, representatives of government-owned institutions and other stakeholders.

The participants discussed the meaning of the concept discrimination, learned about Ukrainian laws and ways to combat discrimination as well as discussing practical actions to protect civil rights.

After the theory came the practice: all participants were divided in small groups to discuss real or simulated situations of discrimination in society.

CAFЕ is looking forward to cooperating with the Coalition and seminar participants, as well as with all stakeholders in order to combat discrimination in our society.  

Published 20/09/2013