On 24th of July CAFE’s Project Coordinator in Ukraine, Olena Zhyvaikina, met representatives of the football club Tavriya and the city Council. 

The club from Simferopol is very active in social matters. General director, Vladimir Boytsan, sports director, Boris Polyakov, and marketing director, Olga Bezuglovets, claimed that SC Tavriya cooperates closely with a variety of local non-governmental organizations of disabled people; schools that have disabled pupils and orphanages. The club often provides these organisations with free match tickets upon request.

At the meeting we discussed further cooperation between the football club and CAFE, e.g. joint activities with local disabled supporters, schools and city council representatives.

At the end, CAFE presented the general director of the club with ‘Access for All’ – the UEFA and CAFE Good Practice Guide to Creating an Accessible Stadium and Matchday Experience (the Guide is now available on our website in 13 European languages - http://cafefootball.eu/en/access-all).

Published 26/07/2013