On 19th of February CAFE’s Project Coordinator in Ukraine Olena Zhyvaikina met representatives of the FC Volyn - SLO\DSO Yurij Kovaltchuk, press-secretary Yurij Konkevitch and general director Yevgenija Zhukhovitchka.

FC Volyn pays huge attention to its fans. For example, the club offers free tickets to pupils from local schools, for students of local military school and half-price tickets (25 UAH for 2 tickets) for family stand. FC Volyn is also trying to take special care of their disabled fans, although nowadays there are few of them, but with such active social policy the club from Lutsk will definitely attract more and more disabled supporters.

Avangard is a quite old stadium where there are no special dedicated stands for wheelchair users. But despite of this fact a group of approximately 10 disabled football supporters attend almost every home game of FC Volyn.  The football club offers them up to 50 places along the pitch (although there is no special dedicated stand, the view from these places is good and the fans often get a possibility to contact football players after the game and sometimes to get their T-shirts as a present).

Partially sighted fans and supporters with limited mobility can enjoy watching home games along non-disabled fans (on the 2nd and 4th stands).

The representatives of Volyn are ready to support the initiatives of CAFE’s legacy project. FC Volyn is open for cooperation and is interested in attracting more disabled fans to the stadium.

A version of this article is also available in Russian and Ukrainian.

Published 05/03/2013