On the 10th of May The Centre for Access to Football in Europe held disability awareness training for FC Karpaty.

Thanks to the cooperation between CAFE and the club more disabled fans are attending the stadium: FC Karpaty is meeting local NGOs, they are provided with free tickets and new accessible services have been implemented (audio descriptive commentary). This is why it is necessary that the stadium staff know how to communicate with all football supporters.

The goal of the training was to improve the communicative skills of stewards and volunteers. The participants discussed the social and medical models of disability, advice for communication with disabled people as well as practical solutions to improve the access on stadia.

Club and stadium staff as well as volunteers from the fans NGO Zavzhdi virni took part in this training. The participants of this event answered questions and did some practical tests of the training.

The representatives of FC Karpaty expressed their gratitude to CAFE for providing this training.

Published 17/05/2013