CAFE is hosting a two-day audio-descriptive commentary training seminar in Paris, training volunteers to provide the inclusive service ahead of UEFA EURO 2016.

UEFA has commissioned CAFE to deliver the official UEFA EURO 2016 Respect Access for All project around the tournament. As part of the project, audio-descriptive commentary will be delivered at all UEFA EURO 2016 matches.

Audio-descriptive commentary is a dedicated matchday service for partially sighted and blind spectators, though it is also enjoyed by many non-disabled people.

The specially trained commentator provides additional narration that describes all significant visual information such as body language, facial expression, scenery, action, clothing, colours and anything else that is important to conveying the image, venue, match, event or surrounding ambience.

During the match, the audio-descriptive commentator describes the on-pitch action rather than talking about statistics or tactics or providing lengthy summaries of previous action.

The two-day training seminar is being delivered in partnership with Federation des Aveugles de France – CAFE’s local project partner in France.

Volunteers from across France have come together to gain a wider understanding of audio-descriptive commentary, and develop their skills. They will continue to develop these skills as their training will continue right up until kick-off on 10 June.

The project volunteers are largely media students, who are enthusiastic and keen to take part in this unique experience at the start of their careers.

CAFE hopes that many of these volunteers continue to use their newly-developed skills after the tournament and take this experience and message of inclusion with them into their future media and broadcasting roles.  

The ambition is to leave a lasting tournament legacy of audio-descriptive commentary for partially sighted and blind sports fans in France.

For more information about audio-descriptive commentary or the UEFA EURO 2016 Respect Access for All project, please contact CAFE by email to [email protected].

A version of this article is also available in French.

Published 24/03/2016