Ahead of the UEFA EURO 2020 Final between Italy and England at Wembley Stadium on Sunday, we asked CAFE Ambassadors Omar Mascarell and Bobby Allain for their predictions and thoughts on the tournament.

Have you enjoyed watching EURO 2020 over the last month or so? 

Omar Mascarell (OM): Yes, absolutely! I've watched as many games as possible and have loved how competitive it's been. There have been so many surprises right up until the final. 

Bobby Allain (BA): Yes, I've loved watching the whole competition. I really enjoy seeing the different styles and tactical fights that can happen. All of the surprise results have kept things interesting too.

What has been your favourite moment so far? 

OM: I would have to say Spain's win on penalties against Switzerland in the quarter-finals. It was a great game and I was so relieved to see us go through! 

BA: I wouldn't say it was my favourite moment but I think the biggest moment of the tournament was the Eriksen incident in Copenhagen. It was very difficult to witness but it taught us all a lot and reminded us that these things can happen at any moment. The reaction from all of the players and staff was so impressive and it was a very emotional moment.

Who do you think will win the tournament?

OM: Unfortunately it can no longer be Spain, which would have been my preferred answer and what I would have said before the tournament. I think Italy will most likely win the final on Sunday against England, but it should be a very entertaining game. 

BA: I think Italy will win the competition. From the very first game they showed what a great team spirit they have. The way they all play for each other and fight together as a squad is beautiful to watch and I think it will help them a lot on Sunday against a very good England team. 

How important do you think it was to make sure fans were able to attend?

OM: It was the best part! Football without them is missing one of the most important things and there is nothing better to see and feel their support in every match. Emotions are back and we, us a players we are very happy about it.

BA: Football is all about passion so it's so important to have fans at every game, especially at a tournament of this size and importance. Emotions are always stronger for international competitions so it's been great seeing everyone come together and support their teams.

Passionate about inclusion in football, Mascarell and Allain share CAFE’s vision of a game that is accessible for all and were both delighted to become a CAFE Ambassadors earlier this year. For more information please visit our CAFE Ambassadors page. 

Published 10/07/21