Partially sighted and blind fans attending last week’s match at the Stade de France between France and Bulgaria were able to tune into audio-descriptive commentary during the game. 

Audio-descriptive commentary is a dedicated inclusive service that enables partially sighted and blind spectators to enjoy live football matches alongside their fellow fans. 

CAFE delivered the official UEFA EURO 2016 Respect Access for All project, which included training local media and broadcast students to deliver the service at all matches during the tournament. 

Following UEFA EURO 2016, all audio-descriptive commentary equipment was donated to the host stadia, to continue to provide the service in legacy of the Finals. Some venues have already begun to implement the service on matchdays. 

Friday’s FIFA World Cup qualifier between France and Bulgaria saw the Stade de France launch its audio-descriptive commentary service.

Two of the commentators trained during the UEFA EURO 2016 Respect Access for All project – Yanis Bacha and Hamza Rahmani – returned to the Stade de France to provide audio-descriptive commentary once again with the support of the FFF (Fédération Française de Football).

Speaking after the match, CAFE Managing Director Joyce Cook said, “Many, many congratulations to everyone involved in launching this service at the Stade de France. This is a great story in legacy of UEFA EURO 2016, and enables many more disabled fans to attend live matches”.

A version of this article is also available in French.

Publishe 10/10/2016