CAFE is working with UEFA and commentators across Europe to ensure that audio-descriptive commentary (ADC) is provided at every match during UEFA EURO 2020.

ADC is a dedicated service that can greatly enhance the matchday experience of many partially sighted and blind fans. The service can also be enjoyed by differently disabled fans and non-disabled fans, to accompany the match that they are watching.

The commentary describes all significant visual information such as body language, facial expression, scenery, action, clothing, colours and anything else that is important to conveying the image, venue, match, event or surrounding ambience. During the match, the commentator will describe the on-pitch action rather than talking about statistics or tactics or providing lengthy summaries of previous action.

At UEFA EURO 2020, ADC is available in the local language at every host venue, and in English in 10 of the 11 venues.

Since 2019, CAFE has been working alongside our expert ADC Network to train local commentators in how to provide the service on matchdays. In Munich and Saint Petersburg, we were able to work with established audio-descriptive commentators who already provide the service regularly in both stadiums.

Our aim is that UEFA EURO 2020 creates a legacy of improved access and inclusion, with a new generation of audio-descriptive commentators continuing to provide ADC and helping to raise wider awareness of the service.

In addition to the local commentary, English ADC is being provided at each host venue in partnership with our friends at Alan March Sport.

Alan is a member of the CAFE ADC Network, and he and his team have stationed themselves across Europe to deliver the English service for fans inside each of the host venues.

CAFE Media and Communications Manager Michael Rice, who manages our works around ADC, said, "Major tournaments such as UEFA EURO 2020 offer a unique opportunity to introduce services such as ADC into stadiums and even countries where the service has never previously existed. Live sport has the power to change lives, and we hope that the introduction of ADC helps to support partially sighted and blind people in integrating further into the wider society".

If you are attending a UEFA EURO 2020 match, you can tune into the ADC using the below frequencies. Please note, the frequencies only work inside the stadiums.


97.1 FM (Dutch) and 88.4 FM (English)


87.9 FM (Azerbaijani) and 87.5 FM (English)


96.8 FM (Hungarian) and 91.4 FM (English)


98.9 FM (Romanian) and 95.6 FM (English)


92.1 FM (Danish) and 88.5 FM (English)


89.0 FM (English)


88.3 FM (English)


98.2 FM (German) and 94.8 FM (English)


88.3 FM (Italian) and 87.75 FM (English)

Saint Petersburg

98.1 FM (Russian)


106.5 FM (Spanish) and 92.7 FM (English)

What is ADC? Check out the below video to find out more.

Published 16/6/2021