The CAFE Week of Action 2017 kicked off this weekend, and was celebrated in Armenia for the first time.

Each match played in the Armenian Premier League was preceded by a CAFE Week of Action ceremony, with the captains of each side reading a statement of support to the crowds.

A number of activities have also taken place at Armenian clubs to celebrate Total Football Total Access, including disabled fans meeting some of their favourite players and attending live matches.

Clubs also promoted their activities via their websites and social media channels. A list of stories can be found below.

A statement of support was also published by the Football Federation of Armenia on its website.

The statement said, "The Football Federation of Armenia is pleased to support the CAFE Week of Action 2017 – Total Football Total Access. On March 4 and 5 Armenian Premier League matches started with the speech of teams' captains regarding the CAFE activities, its aims and Week of Action 2017".

To read the full statement, please click here.

Published 06/03/2017