CAFE have found that the appointment of a dedicated national DAO coordinator is greatly beneficial to national associations and their clubs. 

To support national associations in appointing national DAO coordinators, CAFE has created a helpsheet with further information on the role.

National DAO coordinators have an important role to play in promoting and steering the development of access and inclusion programmes within their countries. They can also help to promote the availability of accessible facilities and services at national and domestic matches, in turn ensuring that more disabled fans can confidently attend live matches.

Download the national DAO coordinator helpsheet.

The helpsheet lists some of the benefits of employing a national DAO coordinator, including adding extra knowledge and expertise inside the national association, and better relationships with club-based DAOs and disabled fans.

Some of the typical tasks that a national DAO coordinator may work on are also included in the helpsheet. National DAO coordinators would be best placed to implement a strategy for developing and trainings DAOs within their country, and advising both the national association and its clubs on projects to improve the matchday experience of disabled supporters.

CAFE has also published a case study with the national DAO coordinator of the Russian Football Union (RFU), discussing her role and achievements in developing the Disability Access Officer role in Russia.

For more information about the national DAO coordinator role, please email CAFE at [email protected] or call +44 (0)203 355 9867.