Stadium name: Juventus Stadium

Host city: Turin


Corso Gaetano Scirea,


10151 Torino


Download the CAFE Disabled Spectators Guide to Turin, which provides information on accessible transport in the city, accessible travel options to the stadium and details on services and facilities in place at the Juventus Stadium during the UEFA Nations League

Covid-19 health and safety measures

Supporters travelling to Italy to attend the 2021 UEFA Nations League Finals are requested to read the Italian Government website's current border entry requirements before starting their journeys.

All non-Italian residents are required to complete the Digital Passenger Location Form before entering Italy.

To enter the stadium, all spectators aged 12 and over must show one of the following pieces of documentation:

  • Completed full course of a Covid-19 vaccination with a vaccine registered in the EU dated more than 14 days before matches
  • Proof of previous Covid-19 infection
  • Proof of a negative molecular or antigen swab test taken within 48 hours of the kick-off of each match.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, all persons attending UEFA Nations League matches in Milan shall be required to comply with health and safety measures in place during their time at the San Siro. The policies to be implemented include:

  • Maintain a social distance of at least 1m, wherever circulating public areas inside the stadium
  • Spectators must, at all times, wear a face mask covering their mouth and nose when within the stadium perimeter. UEFA recommends fans to take some spare masks with them
  • Spectators must ensure good hand hygiene by washing and disinfecting their hands whenever possible and make use of sanitiser stations located throughout the stadium
  • Spectators must not occupy any other seat (including wheelchair user space, easy access seat or companion seat) other than the seats allocated as per information on the match ticket
  • Queuing systems will be implemented to ensure social distancing at food stands, toilets, lifts and stairs.
  • Follow all further health and safety instructions given from stewards and matchday official staff

For the safety of everyone attending UEFA Nations League Finals, failure to comply with the health and safety measures in place at the stadium will not be permitted. It may lead to spectators being ejected from the stadium.

If spectators feel they have Covid-19 symptoms, please do not risk your own and fellow spectators' health by travelling to the stadium and attending the match.

Please refer to UEFA's Supporters Code of Conduct for the 2021 UEFA Nations League for further information on the full stadium health and safety regulations. This document is available in English only.

Matches at the stadium

Semi-Final (2) - Belgium v France – Thursday 6 October, 20:45 (CET)

Third Place Final – Sunday 11 October, 15:00 (CET)

Getting to Turin

Air: Torino Airport

Turin Airport, also known as Torina-Caselle Airport, is approximately 20km from the city centre and around 17km from the Juventus stadium.

The airport is accessible for disabled passengers with accessible drop-off points outside the departure terminal. Lifts and accessible toilets are available throughout.

Further information on the services, facilities and amenities available at the airport for disabled passengers can be found on the airport website, in English and Italian. The airport can also be contacted directly by calling +39 011 5676 3612 or email at [email protected].

The airport requires disabled travellers to book any assistance needed when boarding and alighting flights via the travel agent or the airline you are travelling with no later than 48 hours in advance of your journey. Assistance at the airport can be requested through the call points at the following locations:

  • accessible parking spaces in the multi-storey car park
  • near the main entrances in the arrivals hall
  • near the main entrances in the departures hall
  • near to the airport bus stops

To reach the city centre, the airport bus service 268 runs from the airport to Piazza Carlo Felice in the city centre, close to Porta Nuova station.

Services run approximately every 15 minutes starting at 06:10 until 00:30, with journeys taking approximately 50 minutes with journeys costing €7.00.

CAFE understands that there are services operating on this route that are accessible for disabled passengers. The service provider Arriva recommends disabled passengers contact their call centre on +39 035 289 000 to confirm accessibility and arrange assistance.

An online webform is also available for enquiries. The form is available in Italian and English.


Turin Porta Nuova is the main train station in Turin and is located approximately 8 kilometres from the Juventus Stadium.

The station is accessible for disabled passengers with accessible toilets and accessible ticket offices located throughout the stadium. Audio and visual announcements are also in place.

Further information on the services and facilities available at Turin Porta Nuova can be found in Italian only on the Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) website.

Assistance with boarding and alighting trains must be pre-booked by contacting the Sala Blu team based at the station via email at [email protected] or by calling +39 02 32 32 32 at least 24 hours in advance of journeys, 48 hours in advance if your journey involves travel outside of Italy.

Getting to the stadium

Public transport:

Most buses services operating in Turin are accessible for disabled passengers with low-level floors, retractable ramp, or driver operated ramp at the middle door for entry and space for one wheelchair user to board.

Under Covid-19 regulations, blind and partially sighted passengers travelling with a guide dog or cane are requested to board at the front of buses.

Details on accessible bus services and stops can be found in Italian only on the GTT website.

There is a good level of accessibility on the Turin metro system, with all except two stations being accessible. The two inaccessible stations on the M1 line are Metro Italia 61 and Benghazi Metro. The remaining stations have street-level lift access to platforms.

Disabled passengers are advised to check the availability of lifts at metro stations on the GTT website before making a journey to ensure lift access is in place. This information is available in Italian only.

Wheelchair users are requested to board at the designated carriages indicated by identifiable accessibility signage. Audio and visual “next-stop” announcements are provided on board all trains.

For more information on planning your journey by bus and metro in Turin, please visit the GTT journey planner, available in English and Italian.

Ensure you tick the “lines with accessible services and stops” checkbox when planning a route.

GTT's contact centre is available Monday to Saturday from 06:30 until 19:30 on + 39 011 067 2000.

To reach the stadium from the airport:

Disabled supporters can take the airport bus service in the direction of Stazione Lingotto and alight at Strada Altessano 43. From here, the stadium is approximately a seven-minute walk via Strada Altessano and Corso Grosseto

Overall journey time is approximately 40 - 45 minutes depending on matchday traffic

Disabled spectators may be able to pre-book a taxi from the airport direct to the stadium.

Journey time from the airport is approximately 25 - 35 minutes, depending on matchday traffic.

To reach the stadium from Turin Porta Nuova:

Disabled supporters should head to Porta Nuova metro station and from there take metro line 1 in the direction of Fermi and alight at XVIII Dicembre (4 stops).

From here, walk to XVIII Dicembre bus stops and take bus 72 in the direction of Venaria Reale – Corso Machiavelli and alight at Grosseto (19 stops).

From here, the stadium is approximately a three-minute walk via Strada Altessano and Corso Grosseto.

Overall journey time is approximately 55 minutes depending on matchday traffic.

Disabled supporters can also head to Porta Nuova metro station and take metro line 1 in the direction of Fermi and alight at Massaua (11 stops).

From here, walk to the Massaua bus stops and take bus 62 in the direction of Regio Parco, Piazza Sofia and alight at Altessano (10 stops).

From here, it is approximately a six-minute walk to the stadium via Strada Altessano and Corso Grosseto.

Overall journey time is approximately 45 minutes, depending on matchday traffic.

Disabled spectators may be able to pre-book a taxi from the station direct to the stadium.

Journey time from the airport is approximately 30 minutes, depending on matchday traffic.

Accessible parking and drop-off/pick-up points

Accessible car parking is only available to disabled spectators with a valid matchday ticket and a UEFA provided parking pass.

The accessible car parking areas are located at P4 via Corso Grosseto and P10-C via Druento. From here, the stadium is reachable by designated and signposted walking routes.

Road closures are expected to come in to force around four hours prior to kick-off, but pass holders will still be able to access the parking as local stewards or police will help vehicles reach the area.

UEFA have advised there are two drop-off / pick-up points located at the stadium. These points are also taxi stands. One drop-off point / taxi stand is located on Strada Della Continassa, close to Corso Scirea. From here, the stadium is approximately a five-minute walk.

The other drop-off / taxi stand is located via Druento at the junction with Corso Garibaldi. From here, the stadium is approximately a five-minute walk via Druento.

Entering the stadium

All accessibility ticket holders will be sat in the Tribuna Nord. The accessible entrance point for this tribune is at Gate F.

Once inside the stadium, a UEFA volunteer will be available to help direct disabled supporters to the accessible viewing area.

Entrances will open at 17:45 (CET) for the match on Thursday 7 October and at midday for the match on Sunday 10 October.

Only bags measuring up to a maximum of 210 mm x 297 mm x 210 mm can be brought into the stadium after security checks.

Security checks will be made at all entrances. Disabled spectators and their companions are advised to have their tickets and valid ID ready for inspection and follow security personnel's guidance.

Medical equipment will be allowed into the stadium. Disabled spectators are advised to bring medical proof of requirement (i.e. prescription, doctors note etc.) with them on matchdays should they be requested to show evidence of use by stadium staff.

There is a strict no smoking policy in place at both host venues for the 2021 UEFA Nations League Finals. Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes and vapes, will be prohibited for all spectators once passed through the main ticketing gates.

Accessible seating

Wheelchair users and easy access ticket holders will be sat in Tribuna Nord. Companion seating is provided in the row in front of wheelchair users.

Easy access ticket holders will have adjacent companion seating.

Access to the viewing areas is via a series of ramps. Wheelchair users, in particular, may need assistance in ascending / descending the ramps as parts of the ramps are steep.

UEFA volunteers will be located at the ramps to offer assistance to disabled supporters to reach the viewing area.

Accessible toilets

There are accessible unisex toilets located close to accessible viewing areas and concessions.

Most of the toilets are large enough for disabled supporters to enter with a companion if required, but depending on the size of some wheelchairs, it may be difficult for a companion to enter some of the toilets.

Accessible toilets are indicated by signage using the internationally recognised symbol for accessibility, which is placed at an adequate height and visible in crowded concourses. 

There are no ambulant disabled / easy access cubicles available in the stadium.

There are no Changing Places toilets available at the stadium.

Accessible Services and facilities

There are no refreshment concessions located near the accessible viewing areas. Disabled spectators who wish to make food and drinks purchases will have to leave the viewing area via the ramps and to the outside concourse areas on ground level.

Once on this level, CAFE understands there are no low-level counters available or priority lanes available. 

Payment of refreshments and merchandise bought at the stadium is via cash, contactless bank, or credit card.

First aid rooms are available on ground level. CAFE is unable to confirm if the rooms are accessible for disabled spectators.

Assistive listening devices (hearing loops) are not provided at the stadium.

Audio-descriptive commentary (ADC)

An audio descriptive commentary (ADC) service will be provided at matches played in the Juventus Stadium.

This inclusive service will enable listeners to enjoy the commentary from any seat in the stadium.

Italian and French ADC commentary will be provided at both matches played at the Juventus Stadium.

Disabled spectators are advised to bring their own personal radio or FM radio compatible mobile device.

(Please note: a number of smartphones, including iPhones and Google Pixel phones, may not currently be FM radio compatible).

Additional headsets will be available for any disabled spectators who wish to use the ADC service and may have forgotten to bring their headphones or device with them.

The ADC device collection point is at the ticketing centre near to Gate A.


96.50 MHz for Italian ADC

107.900 MHz for French ADC

Useful publications and policies

For further information, please refer to ‘Access for All’ – the UEFA and CAFE Good Practice Guide to Creating an Accessible Stadium and Matchday Experience. The guide is available to download in multiple languages.

Stadium photos


Last Updated: 07/10/2021

The above information was provided by UEFA and from a CAFE Access Appraisal site visit.

Fans comments

If you have visited this stadium before, CAFE invites you to HAVE YOUR SAY and share your matchday experience. Comments, photos and videos can be uploaded below, and you can upload anonymously if you would prefer.

Your comments are important and will assist other disabled fans planning to visit this stadium. There has also been a number of instances where disabled fans comments have directly led to a stadium or club improving its existing facilities and services.

If you wish to send more detailed feedback, you can download the CAFE matchday evaluation feedback form.

Alternative language versions and formats are available upon request.

For further information, please contact CAFE at [email protected]