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Mark Harris

Partita: Barcelona V Juventus 12/9/2017

Pubblicato: 2/12/2017


Decided to book a 3 day trip to take in the Barcelona v Juventus champions league match on the 12/9/2017 .applied for tickets for my friend in a wheelchair and myself his PA . Barcelona were very quick to reply and sent us an email telling us where to go on the day and the tickets would be waiting for us . Arrived at the ticket office to get the tickets showed them the email and paid for my friends ticket 97euros which was bit of a shock to say the least . Followed directions to access the disabled section which was half way around the stadium not very well marked once in the stadium everything is flat and accessable got to where we were to be only to find the wheelchair spot for my friend was the other side of a concrete pillar to where my seat was so for the whole 90 mins we were supposed to be seperated this is not what we booked to do so i stood up behind him . could not see past the half way line due to the over hang from the above stand and when the supports in front of us stood niether of us could see it was like being in a concrete bunker a very poor experience for a wheelchairs user at the cost of 97 euros which is not cheap. My friend visited this stadium as an able bodied supporter before his accident which was a great experience  now attending as a  wheelchair user the expericence was appaling .

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