Useful documents and publications for DAOs and national associations.

CAFE has compiled and created a number of documents, publications and templates to support clubs and national associations in implementing the Disability Access Officer criterion, and to assist DAOs across Europe in their role.

Access for All

The UEFA and CAFE Good Practice Guide to Creating an Accessible Stadium and Matchday Experience - 'Access for All' mirrors the typical stages of a matchday. The guide contains important information as to the minimum standards of accessibility a stadium should have, based upon its size and capacity. The guide has dedicated sections on matters such as accessible parking, entrances, amenities and seating areas, and offers clear practical solutions how to implement these changes at your stadium. 'Access for All' can be downloaded in 14 languages.

'Access for All' can be downloaded in 14 languages.

Total Football Total Access to Work toolkit

In addition to our works in promoting an accessible and inclusive matchday, CAFE also works to ensure that disabled people have the opportunity to work in the football industry. In partnership with UEFA's Captains of Change programme and the Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU), CAFE created a toolkit to change perceptions and remove stereotypes of disabled people as potential employees.

As part of the project, the FFU carried out an assessment of their headquarters and improved access as required. They employed two disabled interns, who became important members of staff at the federation.

The toolkit is available to download.

CAFE matchday evaluation form

CAFE has also published a matchday evaluation form, making it easier for disabled fans to share their matchday experiences and for DAOs to receive useful feedback. The form contains questions on arriving at the stadium and the experience at the stadium, with disabled fans having the opportunity to add as much detail to their answers as they like.

The evaluation form can be completed online.

The evaluation form can also be downloaded.

CAFE disability awareness and etiquette handbook

In order to provide disabled people with an inclusive welcome, both on matchday and non-matchdays, CAFE has created a disability inclusion and etiquette training package. Please contact CAFE if you would be interested in receiving this training. To supplement this, we have also created a disability awareness and etiquette handbook, outlining how best to communicate with a range of differently disabled people.

The handbook is available to download.

CAFE DSA information pack

The CAFE Disabled Supporters Association (DSA) information pack is another important resource for DAOs. DSAs are an important tool in promoting access and inclusion across a club, and a user-led pan disability group can have a huge impact on empowering your disabled fans.

The information pack can be downloaded.

Colour Blind Awareness guidance note

CAFE has published guidance on colour blindness, in partnership with Colour Blind Awareness. The helpsheet provides information on the common issues faced by colour blind football players and fans when watching a live match, and details top tips for inclusion. 

Download the guidance note.

UEFA HatTrick FSR information guide

CAFE has published an information guide for national associations planning to apply for UEFA HatTrick FSR funding, for projects related to improved access and inclusion. UEFA’s HatTrick assistance programme is one of the largest solidarity and development programmes ever to be established by a sports organisation.

Download the guide.

Creating Accessible and Inclusive Ticketing Processes

With more than one billion disabled people alive today, it is crucial that service providers offer disabled people the same experience of purchasing tickets as non-disabled people.

Ticketing processes can be a major barrier to disabled people attending sports matches and events. In a 2018 study by Attitude is Everything, 82% of respondents reported that they had experienced problems in booking accessible tickets and 79% had been put off purchasing tickets to future events due to the difficulty in booking accessible tickets.

Download the CAFE Guidance Note on 15 Steps to Create Accessible and Inclusive Ticketing Processes.

This Guidance Note is also available in German.


These templates are intended to serve as a starting point for your own documents, and you may choose to tailor these to suit your own requirements.

- Example Disability Access Officer job description
- Example Disability Access Officer National Coordinator job description
Example stadium access information survey (also available in French, German and Spanish)


Please contact CAFE by tel. +44 (0)203 355 9867 or by email [email protected] for any further information or guidance notes.