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Mark Harris

Match: Juventus v Barcelona 22/11/2017

Publié: 2/12/2017


Arrived in Turin on the 21/11/17  for this match having booked flights and hotel at a cost for  juventus v barcelona . came over early to do the museum had tickets for myself in a wheelchair and my P.A. for the south stand for disabled. Great access into the ground and helpful stewards , got to our accolcated spot for the wheelchair only to find for the whole game the south stand supporters all stand blocking our view to watch this match also a banner hanging down from the above stand running all the whole way along blocking our  viewing. all isles are blocked with supporters who would not move out of the way all the stewards were on both corners with police watching the game . wanted to get something to eat and drink but for disabled the PA has to go down the stairs to the lower ground as this is the only place you can get a drink and food but you cant access this because the isles are blocked and there are no stewards to move them out of the way. from my position i could only see from the half way line ,the rest of the stadium all sat down apart from this stand who seem to be able to do what they like a real poor experience for a wheelchair user was so excited to see this game but missed most of it due to selfish supports and none excistant stewards ..a very unhappy Juventus fan.

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