Report a disability hate incident within football

What can I report?

Disability hate incidents can include harassment, verbal abuse, bullying or intimidation, physical violence, threats, online abuse, using disability slurs, and theft of or damage to property.
You can find out more about disability hate incidents and what to report on the CAFE website.

What will happen to my report?

All reports will be logged by CAFE and added anonymously to our annual incident report publication. They will also be shared with Fare network who record all forms of discrimination within European football in monthly incident lists.

CAFE will refer reports to the relevant club or national association on your behalf. Depending on the location of the match or the competition, some reports may be also be referred to Fare network, who have third-party reporting status with UEFA and FIFA, or Level Playing Field, who work in England and Wales.

All incidents of multiple discrimination will be referred to Fare Network and followed up by CAFE and Fare network.

CAFE cannot refer reports to the police or other non-footballing authorities. It is strongly advised that you also report all incidents to local police.

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Data protection

By submitting this form, you consent to the incident details being added anonymously to CAFE’s incident list. You are also consenting to your report being referred to clubs, national associations, UEFA, FIFA, Fare network or Level Playing Field, where relevant.

If you include your contact details, CAFE will contact you about your report and may contact you to discuss your experiences in further detail. Your contact details will also be shared with clubs, national associations, UEFA, FIFA, Fare network or Level Playing Field, where relevant.

CAFE will not share your personal information with any other third parties without your express consent.

Your participation is entirely voluntary, and all responses will be stored securely.

Any comments or details published in future publications will not be attributable to you and names will not be published.

For more information on how CAFE will process your data, please feel free to contact us via email [email protected] or phone +44 (0)203 355 9867.

Thank you for reporting this incident to CAFE. You should receive a response from the CAFE team within 5 working days.