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By Air

There are two main international airports serving Rome - Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino airport which is approximately 35km from the stadium and Rome Ciampino airport which approximately 37km from the stadium.


Information on accessible services and facilities at Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumincio airport can be found here, and information on the accessible services and facilities available at Rome Ciampino airport can be found here.


From Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumincino Airport, spectators can take the Leonardo Express from the airport train station to Roma Termini (the city's main train station) in approximately 30 minutes. Trains depart from the airport every 15 minutes and are accessible for disabled spectators. Further information on the Leonardo Express can be found here. For information on how to reserve assistance for boarding / alighting trains, please see here.


From Rome Ciampino Airport, spectators can take buses from outside the terminal building to Stazione Ciampino. CAFE are unable to confirm if the bus services are accessible. From Stazione Ciampino, spectators can take the train to Roma termini. Journeys take around 15 minutes. The station is accessible and all services from this station are accessible for disabled passengers. For information on how to reserve assistance for boarding / alighting trains, please see here.


By Metro

Not all of the metro stops on Lines A and B of the Rome Metro station are accessible. Those metro stops that are accessible have lifts, with Braille and voice annoucements in both English and Italian, and tactile paving to assist blind and partially sighted supporters. Not all of the metro vehicles are accessible. Those that are have dedicated spaces for wheelchair users and audio and visual announcements.


To get to the stadium using the metro, spectators are advised to take a metro on Line A from Termini in the direction of Battistini, and alight at Ottaviano. Both Termini and Ottaviano metro stops are accessible. From Ottaviano supporters should take bus 32 to De Bosis / Stadio Tennis. The stadium is less than a five minute walk from this stop. CAFE are unable to confirm if buses on this route are fully accessible.


By Bus

Around 70% of the bus services in Rome are accessible, with low-level floors and rectractable ramps. Bus services that run from across the city to the De Bosis / Stadio Tennis stop are 32, 69, 280, 301 and 628. From this stop, the stadium is less than a five minute walk. CAFE are unable to confirm if all vehicles on these routes are accesible. 


Accessible car parking

The club has advised that accessible parking spaces available are Stadio dei Marmi (entrance via Costantino Nigra). The accessible car parking area is situated just a few metres from the accessible entrances of Tribuna Tevere. Parking permits need to be obtained from the club in advance. The car park is stewarded.


Drop-off and pick-up points

On matchdays a drop-off point is identified along Viale de Gladiotori, approximately 500m from the stadium. 


Signage and wayfinding

The Stadio Olimpico has regular and consistent signage across the stadium grounds, using internationally recognised symbols for disability.

Cómo obtener un boleto


For information about buying a ticket please contact the club directly.

Áreas para observación de espectadores


Wheelchair userAS Roma have informed CAFE there are 70 spaces for wheelchair users located across both the Tribuna Tevere and Tribuna Monte Mario. Wheelchair user spaces in the Tribuna Tevere are located on level 1 with companion seating available behind the wheelchair user spaces.


Sightlines from this area of the stadium are good with no obstructed views from supporters in front. There is clear, identifiable signage indicating the accessible entrance to the Tribuna Tevere.


Wheelchair user spaces in the Tribuna Monte Mario are on level 3 with no companion seating available. Sightlines from this area are adequate, although some spectators may find their view obstructed by the metal safety barrier. There is no identifiable signage indicating the accessible entrance point at the Tribuna Monte Mario. 


There are no wheelchair user spaces in the away section of the stadium. All wheelchair user spaces are sheltered from the elements.



Blind and partially sighted

 The club has advised there are 50 seats for ambulant disabled supporters, but did not specify their location in the stadium. The club has stated these spaces are sheltered from the elements and provide spectators with good sightlines.


There are no designated easy access seating in the away section of the stadium.




Blind and partially sighted 

 The club have advised that audio-descriptive commentary is provided at the stadium. Guide dogs are not permitted entry into the stadium. Public announcements such emergency evacuation procedures are given audio and visual formats.



The club have advised there are 3 accessible toilets (1 male cubicle, 1 female cubicle and 1 unisex cubicle) in both the Tribuna Tevere and Tribuna Monte Mario. All accessible toilets are located close to the accessible seating areas.


There are accessible refreshment kiosks available, although they do not have lowered counters. They are located close to the accessible viewing areas from the disabled supporters seating area.



There are no assistive hearing devices available at the stadium.


Assistance dogs are not permitted to enter the stadium.


There is an accessible first aid room located in the Tribuna Tevere. Access to the first aid room is via a steep ramp, wheelchair users may need assistance accessing and egressing from here.


Disabled spectators located in both Tribuna Tevere and Tribuna Monte Mario can exit the stadium directly onto the stadium perimeter during an emergency evacuation.

Publicaciones útiles y políticas


Para obtener mayor información, favor consulte "Acceso para todos", la Guía de buenas prácticas de UEFA y CAFE para crear estadios accesibles y experiencias integradoras los días de partido, disponible en 13 idiomas diferentes.



¿Has visitado este estado recientemente? Si es así, comparte tu experiencia dejándonos tus comentarios en la sección de abajo.


Cuéntanos qué tal fue tu día de partido (qué estuvo bien, qué no, y qué mejorarías).


Sube alguna foto u otro archivo que ilustre o describa cómo fue tu día de partido.


Tus comentarios son importantes, ya que les serán útiles a otros aficionados discapacitados que estén pensando acudir al estadio. Tu opinión también contribuirá a que el club mejore sus servicios e instalaciones. Si lo prefieres, puedes postear de forma anónima.


Nota: para asegurarnos de que no se muestran comentarios ofensivos, CAFE tiene que aprobarlos antes de publicarlos en el sitio web.


Si tienes preguntas o necesitas ayuda con esta sección, escríbenos a info@cafefootball.eu o llámanos al +44(0)20 8621 2405. También puedes enviar un tuit a @cafefootball o contactarnos por Skype (usuario cafe-football).


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