MARS Media Work Exchanges


The Council of Europe and its partners (Community Media Forum in Europe, Fair Play, International Federation of Journalists, Media Animation, UEFA…) have come together to bring you a new initiative: the MARS - Media Against Racism in Sport – joint programme.

MARS will give media professionals the opportunity to widen the scope of their media practice and contact poolsby providing financial and logistic support to travel and work with colleagues all over Europe.

Exchanges will last 10 days (5 days as guest / 5 days as host) and will be a unique opportunity to work with a European colleague on a variety of projects having expression of diversity and non-discrimination as an essential angle to media coverage, with a specific focus on sports issues.

Participation is open to the large community of Media and Communication professionals that includes:

Journalism and/or Media Trainers/Teachers/Lecturers, Journalists, Photographers, Photo journalists and Journalism Students, Managing Editors, Executive Editors, Deputy Managing Editors, Publishers, Editorial Operations Directors, communication & press officers and managers, public relations officers and managers but also professionals and staff members of regulatory bodies (Press councils, audiovisual regulatory bodies), of media professional unions(of journalists, editors and broadcasters…), of human rights, anti-discrimination and anti-racism bodies, of sport clubs, of sports persons’ unions and of sport associations, etc.

This list is large and wide open… You will surely find your place!

To learn more, visit the new MARS website at or write to

As a media professional or student, several other possibilities are offered by MARS to participate, see

MARS stay at your disposal for any further information and clarification.