LGBT History Month Prelaunch Event


This year’s LGBT History Month Pre-Launch will be held at The Kia Oval, Kennington, South London on 21 November 2011.


The all-day event starts in the morning with a series of Equality in Sports Practice sessions and is followed by a session mid-afternoon with Sports Minister Hugh Robertson.


Late tea-time there will be a show by the Pink Triangle Theatre, followed by an evening session with a range of events and speakers.


Trainers from Pride Sports, the UK's LGBT Sports Development and Equity organisation will take you through two workshops, which will explore practical steps for engaging & retaining LGB and T people in sport and physical activity.


You can register by visiting For more information, please ring LGBT History Month events on 0207 635 0476


CAFE rejects all forms of discrimination on the grounds of disability, age, nationality, race and ethnic origin, religion, gender and sexual orientation (including verbal, written, emotional and physical abuse) within the game and the wider society