CAFE Week of Action 2017 launched – join the celebration of access and inclusion


CAFE Week of Action 2017

CAFE is delighted to announce that the CAFE Week of Action 2017 - Total Football Total Access - will take place on 4-12 March 2017.


The CAFE Week of Action is an annual event to celebrate the wider inclusion of disabled people within football, the world’s most popular game.


The 2017 initiative will be the fifth successive CAFE Week of Action, with the number of activities increasing each year. Last season’s CAFE Week of Action included activities from 14 countries and even took the message of Total Football Total Access beyond Europe to Brazil.


CAFE is inviting disabled supporters groups, clubs, venues, leagues, European national associations and all other stakeholders to get involved and take part in the CAFE Week of Action 2017.


For more information about the CAFE Week of Action 2017, including suggestions about how you can get involved, please download our information guide here.


We are also delighted to introduce Max Access, the official mascot of the CAFE Week of Action 2017. Max is a young disabled fan, and will be helping to promote events taking place under the Total Football Total Access banner.


CAFE Managing Director Joanna Deagle said, “Disabled people constitute the largest minority group in any population. The CAFE Week of Action is a fantastic opportunity for football to celebrate disabled people and the roles they can play across all levels of the game”.


During the CAFE Week of Action 2017, we want to acknowledge the ‘champions’ within the game who do most to improve access and inclusion for disabled people. Nominations for the CAFE Week of Action awards are now open – please click here for details on how to nominate.


If you would like to discuss your ideas further with CAFE, feel free to contact us by email to, or call +44 (0)20 8621 2405.