CAFE launches disabled fans survey 2016


CAFE launches disabled fans survey 2016

Disabled people constitute the largest of minority groups with over one billion of the world’s population now disabled, a figure that will only increase year on year. Yet over 50% of disabled people have never participated in leisure, cultural or sports activities because of physical, sensory, intellectual and attitudinal barriers in everyday life.


Naturally, a large proportion of disabled people will be football fans – the world’s most popular game. However, many can still only aspire to be match-going supporters because of a lack of accessible facilities, information, or awareness.


The Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE) aims to improve access and inclusion across the game to help ensure that disabled people can take their rightful places as fans, guests, volunteers, employees, coaches and players, and as leaders and decision makers. 


As part of our ongoing works, CAFE aims to gain a better understanding of disabled supporters’ match-day experiences and the challenges still faced. In conjunction with the CAFE Week of Action 2016 – Total Football Total Access – we are pleased to launch the CAFE Disabled Fans Survey 2016.


We are calling on disabled fans, their companions and advocates to take part in this survey. We want to know about your experiences, and the remaining barriers that you believe are preventing all disabled football fans from attending live matches.


Please do take the time to complete this survey, which should take around 15-20 minutes. We greatly appreciate your opinions which will help us to determine the next stages of our ongoing works and our shared ambition to work together to promote wider inclusion across the game.


The survey can be accessed here. Alternatively, if you would prefer a hard copy, of if you require assistance in completing the survey, please contact Joanna Deagle: Tel +44 (0)208 621 2408 | Email:


Thank you for your continued support and co-operation.


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