Breakthrough for Disabled Supporters


The Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE) has welcomed the publication of a new European Technical Report, CEN/TR 15913 - “Spectator facilities – Layout criteria for spectators with special needs”, produced by the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) and following the full approval of its 30 European Union members.


The document takes its lead from the UK Accessible Stadia Guide (ASG), which was published in 2004 following full consultation of a working group including representatives from the English football authorities, government and the National Association of Disabled Supporters. The ASG was also imbued into Part M of UK Building Regulations laying out the minimum standards for sports stadia.


CAFE Technical Director, Jim Froggatt, who had worked on the British standardisation with the UK Football Licensing Authority and Football Stadia Improvement Fund and other interested organisations, then introduced it to the CEN Committee on which he represented British Standards.


Jim Froggatt said:

"I believe it reflects great credit on all my fellow European colleagues at CEN for achieving a pan-European guidance. It will help disabled supporters all over Europe to enjoy a better and just experience of the game."


The CAFE Chairman, David Bernstein, added:

"This is a hugely significant document and the fact that it has been ratified by the 30 EU members of CEN is a tremendous achievement. This report sets a standard for all European stadia. CAFE would like to thank Jim and his colleagues for producing this important report. We look forward to working with the European football community in ensuring that equal access for our disabled fans becomes a reality."



Click here to download CAFE's Summary from CEN Technical Report:

CAFE Information Note 1.pdf


The full report is available from:

The European Committee for Standardisation - Management Centre

Avenue Marnix 17, B-1000 Brussels

Ref. No. CEN/TR 15913:2009.

CEN Website

And will also be available from national standards bodies.


For more information please contact us at or visit CAFE's website