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Published: 3/6/2013


Hi, I have been a fan of FC Voyln for a very long time. Our club has long football traditions. Because a lot of great and nowadays famous players (and now also coaches) have once played in our team: Oleg Luzhnyj, Myron Markevich, Vitalij Kvarzyanyj, Marko Devich, Papa Guye and Anatoliy Tymoschuk whose hometown is Lutsk. Our favourite team is not Barcelona or Juventus, but FC Volyn is known for its character and obstinacy. Despite of poor results supporters still attend the small, but cosy stadium. The Avangard stadium has the capacity of only 15000 fans. I attend the games together with my friends. I have the 2nd group of disability and also am a member of NGO Invasport where we can go in for sports. The football club from Lutsk has been cooperating with its disabled fans for a long time and provides us (Invasport members) with free season tickets. The social policy of the club makes us closer to our favourite FC and gives us an opportunity to watch the games on the stands. Our stadium needs reconstruction. We want that our Avangard stadium becomes better; it also would be great to have a shelter over all stands so we can attend matches despite of bad weather. The FC administration is already making the facilities more modern – e.g. the seats are new. The stadium staff keeps order and does not let fans with glass bottles and drunken supporters to the stadium. Stewards always help the fans to find their seats, and I can proudly tell that the attitude from the stadium staff towards fans is pretty good. There is also a barrier on the stadium – it prevents the fans from running out to the pitch. But it worsens the view for supporters who sit in the first rows. Our club organizes also fans trips for away games – there are usually two buses, one for active fans, the other for elder supporters or supporters with children. I wish there were special dedicated seats for wheelchair users, because now they are watching football near the pitch. I am thankful to the club and Igor Palytsya for the cooperation with Invasport, for their help. We love FC Volyn and we want to support our club and to enjoy the game on the stadium. We, the fans of FC Volyn, wish our team only victories on football stadia of the world. And I hope that we can arrange meetings with our football players more often. Dear football supporters across Europe, I want you to know that we here in Lutsk have good fans and wonderful football atmosphere, come and visit us in Lutsk, you will like it! Because there are many teams, but there is only one game! Thank you!


18/03/2013 10:18:24

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