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Aubrey Bingham

Match: Real Madrid v Levante

Published: 29/4/2014


Went to see Real Madrid v Levante in a recent La Liga match.

As i was travelling from Northern Ireland, i contacted the Real ticket office but was only able to book the tickets 10 days before the match date (which isnt ideal in terms of making travel, accommodations arrangements), anyway i had to send through a Bank Transfer to secure the tickets (they wouldnt accept a credit/debit card) 2 tickets were 50 euros, 1 for a wheelchair user and 1 for a companion.

We collected the tickets fromt the Bernabeu ticket office on the evening of the match.  Entrance into the stadium was via a gate near to one of the entrances of the attached small shopping mall.

The route from the gate to the seats was down a steep hill and across a walkway but we were directed by stadium staff.


Our viewing point was behind one of the goals, in the front row, close to the corner.  It wasnt an ideal viewing point but it was an unobstructed view.

The atmosphere was pretty good with the Real fans behind the goal closest to us making a lot of noise even though it was an easy victory for Real (3-0)


A word of warning - The Bernabeu metro station is not wheelchair accessible.  Taxi to the City Centre from the stadium was only 12 euros.

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