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Amy Wilson

Match: vs Everton

Published: 6/4/2015


I have been to the Emirates many times with Everton and it is one of the better grounds for a disabled away supporter to visit. 

Firstly and quite importantly for me, the disabled away supporters are sat in the away end, so I can easily get to see my friends in the concourse prior to the game. Vitally, the view from the raised platform is one of the best from a wheelchair area that is located at the back row of lower tiers.  When fans who are in front of this platform stand up, there is no issues as the wheelchair users can still see above these standing supporters. The sightlines of the pitch are totally unobstructed too. Arsenal have proved that you can design a really good raised viewing area from the back of a stand, certain other clubs need to look at how well this works at the Emirates and replicate this design at their club. You can also get quite a number of wheelchairs and carers on this platform which is great, on Everton's last visit there in March 2015, there were at least 11 wheelchair supporters in attendance.

The disabled toilet is located near to the disabled bays and is very spacious and can only be accessed via a RADAR key.  The stewards are helpful and friendly too.

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