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Getting there and Parking


Antwerp, Brussels and Ostend Airports are all within 60km of Gent. Brussels Airport is connected to the city by a direct train to Gent-Sint-Pieters Railway Station.


The stadium is around 3.5km from Gent-Sint-Pieters Railway Station.


Around the stadium there are 80 parking spaces reserved for home disabled supporters who are in possession of a blue card. 

Parking Tribune 1 A: 8 spaces

Stand 2,3,4 using B Parking: 50 spaces

C Parking: 22 spaces

The holder of the card must be present in the car when parking the car. These places can not be reserved in advance.


Away disabled fans may park in the visitors parking for supporters buses (accessible via Akkerhage) if in possession of a blue card. 


There is a designated drop off and pick up point for disabled supporters using taxi services

Getting a Ticket


Personal assistant tickets are provided in the price of the disabled supporters ticket, proof of disability will be required. The same scheme applies for the purchase of a season ticket. 


Please contact the ticket office for futher details (tickets@kaagent.be ). 


Spectator Viewing areas



Wheelchair user

Accessible wheelchair user spaces are found in each corner of the stadium. At least one personal assistant can sit behind the wheelchair user space, and in some parts of the stadium there is room for 2 accompanying people. 

There are good sightlines of the field from all wheelchair user spaces. 



Blind and partially sighted

The staircases leading to the supporters promenade have studded tiles and the tips of the first and last steps of a staircase are colour contrasted throughout the stadium. 


Box 222 is a designated seating area for blind and partially sighted supporters. Descriptive commentary is available in this section, there are 10 headseats available. Depending on demand the number of headsets may be increased. During the season the signal is amplified so that visiting supporters may also make use of the service. 


Deaf hard of hearing


Information is displayed in large text on the 2 large screens in the arena and on the 184 smaller screens in the supporters stands. 


Pre-recorded reports include subtitles. Information throughout the match such as line-ups and goal scorers is also displayed in text on the large screens.


In case of emergency all small screens will automatically go into "safety mode" and all safety messages will be displayed visually. 


In sections 221-222 deaf and hard of hearing fans may request the use of an earpiece, this is available for 6 supporters but may be increased if there is demand for the service. 


There are induction loops in place at the main ticket counters. 



Ambulant disabled

There are spaces for ambulant disabled fans available throughout the stadium for both home and away fans. Boxes 423 and 327 have spaces with extra legroom. 





There are 8 food and drink kiosks near the wheelchair user seating areas. (4 food stall and 4 drink stalls), the counters are lowered. 

There is a cashless payment system in operation in the stadium, there are accessible charging points in these areas. 


There is an accessible ticket desk with a lowered counter in the entrace hall of the stadium and the ticket boxes in areas C and D have lowered counters. 



All floors of the stadium are accessible via elevators.


Assistance dogs are the only animals that can enter the stadium and may sit in the stands with the disabled supporter. 


For every home game there are at least 4 volunteers available to provide assistance to disabled supporters.




Useful Publications and Policies


For further guidance, please refer to 'Access for All' - the UEFA and CAFE Good Practice Guide to Creating an Accessible Stadium and Matchday Experience, available in 14 different languages here.

Seating area for wheelchair users

Seating area for wheelchair users

More Stadium Photos

Accessible kiosk with lowered counter

Accessible kiosk

Accessible kiosk with lowered counter



Have you visited this stadium recently? If so, please share your match day experience by posting your comments in the section below.


Please tell us about your match day experience - what was good, not good or could be improved.


Please upload any photos or any documents that help to explain your match day experience.


Your comments are important and will assist other disabled fans planning to visit this stadium and may help the stadium or club to improve its existing facilities and services. If you prefer, you can also post your fans comments anonymously.


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Jo McNicol

Match: KAA Genk v Tottenham

Published: 6/4/2017


The view from the wheelchair user area was really good. The wheelchair users were in the away end which is unusual for European away matches and it meant that I was able to chat with my friends before the game and at half time and it felt as though we were part of things and not separate as is often the case.

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Kevin Wilson

Match: KAA Gent vs Tottenham

Published: 20/2/2017


I went with my son who is a Wheelchair user to Gent Kaa vs Tottenham at The Ghelamco Arena on 16th February 2017


When we went to see about some half time food, there was no Lowered Disabled Counter, even though if you look on Gent's website they show pictures of a lowered counter.


I was told by a member of the refreshment staff that we would have to queue with everyone else. It was pointless us both waiting and blocking the walkway so I took him back to his seat/space and i queued....For 20 minutes to get some Chips! 


There were 2 counters, 1 selling food only and 1 selling drinks only. I didn't notice if the Drinks Counter had a lowered section as i didn't buy any drinks. I know we didn't see any lowered counters at the food outlet.


Smoking in the stadiums in the UK is banned, is this not the same Europe wide? People were smoking just in front of us all in the Disabled Section and they had everything from Cigarettes to Cigars to Vapes, it was like being in Beijing on a smoggy day. Even the Steward in with us was coughing.


I have sent feedback to UEFA about this same problem and I await a reply from them, i will also email Gent to highlight the problems we had at the ground and see what reply i get back from them. I will also advise them to cover the first two rows of seats (the same as they do to segregate fans from each other)  in front of the Disabled Section as fans stand up during the game and the Wheelchair users can not see the game. 


Yes teams will lose seats for the games but all fans should be able to see the game while it's being played.

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