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Ms Diane Piggott

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+44 (0)207 7915 1950

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Access Information for Disabled Supporters

Getting there and Parking


The closest international airport is London Heathrow, however it is also reachable by Stansted Airport, Luton Airport and Gatwick Airport. The nearest over ground train stations are West Brompton, a ten minute walk away, and Imperial Wharf, a fifteen minute walk.


There is very limited parking at Stamford Bridge for disabled supporters and non-disabled supporters. Parking can be requested once you have a ticket please contact 020 7915 1950 . Blue badge holder can contact Fulham and Hammersmith Council and they would be able to advise which residential street parking fans would be able to use. Please note on matchdays there are road closures in place pre and post-match. A drop of point is located at Stamford Gate (main entrance). Please note on match days Fulham Road is subject to road closures to all fans from up to 2 hours before the game, and up to 2 hours after final whistle.


National Rail have published links to the nearest stations to sporting venues including Chelsea see here for more information.

Getting a Ticket


For information on purchasing a ticket please visit the Chelsea Website.

Spectator Viewing areas


Wheelchair userThere are 103 spaces for home-supporting wheelchair users located on the West, North and East stands. 100 spaces for non-ambulant /ambulant supporters are at pitch level in the West Stand (split between 50 free places on a rota system and 50 paid for on a match by match basis) plus their PA's. Pitchside positions give partial cover.  There are 3 elevated positions at the North end of the East Stand with helpers alongside. 

The number of away spaces for non-ambulant supporters is 5 located on an elevated platform behind the away fans with their PA seating in the row in front of the platform. Away disabled supporters are located in the Shed End Lower. An additional 5 non-ambulant spaces are available if request by the club but these are located directly behind the away fans not on a raised platform, their PA sit next to them.


Home ambulant disabled supporters can sit on the front row pitchside along the length of the West Stand and East Stand Family section. PA's sit alongside.


Blind and partially sightedThere are spaces for blind or partially sighted fans, situated in the east end of the lower tier of The Shed. There is an audio descriptive commentary service available.



There are accessible refreshment kiosks available in the main concourse with lowered counters. There is also an ordering service available by the stewards.


All disabled toilets are fitted with radar keys on the recommendation of Chelsea FC disabled fans. Chelsea FC recommends that all fans to use their own keys as the stewards may not be present at all times.



There is an induction loop in the West Stand. There is also an audio descriptive commentary service is available.

Useful Publications and Policies


For further guidance, please refer to 'Access for All' - the UEFA and CAFE Good Practice Guide to Creating an Accessible Stadium and Matchday Experience, available in 14 different languages here.

Accessible seating area

Accessible seating area

Sightlines could be obstructed by stewards

More Stadium Photos

Accessible seating area

Sightlines could be obstructed by stewards

Sightlines from accessible seating area

Sightlines from accessible seating area

Sightlines from accessible seating area

Sightlines can be obstructed by standing fans



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Bruce Woodman

Match: Chelsea vs Wolves (10 March 2019)

Published: 11/3/2019


After reading some of the comments on here, I thought I would write to provide some feedback in the 2018/19 season. I understand that Chelsea FC implemented some changes to their disabled viewing areas before this season, and have no personal experience of attending Stamford Bridge with a disabled supporter prior to this season. I therefore don't disagree with any of the comments previously left on this page, but instead wish to offer an opinion post-changes.


I have been to two matches since January with one of my children, who is a disabled member. On each occasion we have watched from the platform in the East Lower. In terms of position, my child had an unrestricted view throughout the match - this despite being shorter and in a smaller wheelchair than most of the other supporters using the platform. We have used both the changing places toilet towards the end of the East Lower North, and the mobile changing places toilet located outside the stadium. Both were perfectly fine. The stewards were super friendly too.


We have not tried front row and given some of the pictures on here, I think my child may struggle to get a good view of the pitch. So we'll be sticking to the platform. 


The stewards were very friendly and ensured we found out space ok. 

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Kev O'Meara

Match: Everton 11th February 2015

Published: 16/2/2015


Found the staff to be very helpful, poor parking near the ground but easy access into the ground, once a parking space had been found.
The view can only be described as very poor because as soon as there is any standing (which is from the first whistle), you have no view. There is no point in Chelsea giving free tickets if you can't see the event the ticket is for, I find this annoying, it's as if Chelsea are saying yes we know that you have no view so we give you free tickets instead. You're missing the point Chelsea!

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Amy Wilson

Match: Chelsea v Everton - 11/02/15

Published: 15/2/2015


I have been to Stamford Bridge many times with Everton and whether sat in the East stand or the Shed end, the view for disabled supporters has never been very good. Sitting down on the front in the East stand the view was continually blocked by the stewards. In the Shed end the view is blocked as soon as the supporters in front stand up, which is basically all game. Yes, I know this shouldn't happen, but it happens in all away ends, other grounds have managed to work out how to have an elevated platform where disabled fans can still see no matter if the fans in the seats below stand or not. As you will see from the photographs, disabled fans have little or no view of the goal at the Shed end and the far side of the pitch too. To stand any chance of seeing any of the play at this end of the pitch, I had to press myself up into half standing position using my arms, even then I still couldn't see very clearly. Doing this is something I cannot do for very long as it causes me to be in pain which lasts for a couple of days but it is the only option available to me to try to see the match. When I was unable to press myself up, I had to ask my brother who was my carer on the day what was happening as I literally could not see anything from my seated position. This situation has never improved in the years that the away fans have been in the Shed end, but for some reason things seemed so much worse after Wednesdays visit, I had to press myself up far more than I have ever done before to try to see and it is only now, days after the game that discomfort I had in my arms, shoulders and back has eased up. 


I know the tickets are free for away disabled supporters, which is the least Chelsea can do, given the difficulties the fans have seeing the whole game from this viewpoint. I feel that by offering free tickets the club think that they are making up for the fact that you will have such a poor view. It doesn't really though. I'd rather pay for my ticket and see the game clearly, than pay nothing and see only half a pitch.

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Brian Wilson

Match: Chelsea v Everton

Published: 14/2/2015


Went to the game as a carer for my sister. My sister doesn't always need a carer with her to go the match but she cannot manage to go to Stamford Bridge on her own for the following reasons:-

1) The away coaches park in Imperial Road which is a good 10 minute walk away from the ground if not more. Although my sister can push her manual wheelchair herself, she would struggle pushing that distance and then getting through the crowds on Fulham Road to the away end. The coaches were parked more or less outside the ground at the end of the game which hasn't happened in some years and it was much better.

2) The view from the elevated platform at the back of the Shed End is relatively poor. Fans standing up in the rows in front as all aways fans do, means that wheelchair users struggle seeing the goalmouth at the Shed End as well as the far side of the pitch. Any action down this end of the pitch, my sister had to press herself up on her arms to try to see which causes her discomfort in the days after. When she couldn't do that I had to tell her what was happening. The other wheelchair users there on the night all complained that they found it hard seeing. Myself and the rest of the carers had to stand behind the wheelchairs all game as there are no carer seats provided on the elevated platform. Though if seats were provided we would have struggled seeing just like the wheelchair users. 


I believe Chelsea do not charge for the away disabled supporters,  a good thing too, when the disabled supporters have so many problems in seeing the whole game clearly.

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Michael and Brian McCarthy

Match: Everton - 11th of Feb

Published: 13/2/2015


Stewards where helpful and polite. Michael relies on a headset for match commentary. The one supplied by Chelsea is a disposable ear piece. On previous occasions it has not provided a reliable service. Last night was no exception, it did not work, completely dead. Luckily Michael brings his own DAB radio for such eventualities so could use that to get commentary on the game.

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Anthony Joy

Match: Chelsea v Arsenal, 05/10/14

Published: 8/10/2014


Anyone who has attended Stamford Bridge as a wheelchair user over the last 9 years will know that the view is poor, however on the raised section, at least you may be able to see the far end.


Arsenal have approx 5 regular travellers (all wheelchair users) to away games on an away scheme. For some reason for this game Arsenal asked for extra tickets and took from the top, issuing them to the regulars. Unfortunately the tickets did not say restricted view. Had they, it would have been an unfair description as you'll see from the picture.  At least Chelsea don't have the cheek to charge for that view but this, I feel gives them an excuse or way out. The tickets shouldn't be sold.


I'd implore you all to ask your own club not to request these tickets, or make sure you get tickets for the raised area.  If you do get these seats, and you are a wheelchair user then you'll see next to nothing. And no, nothing was done to try to get the fans to sit down...quite frankly if they thought about it properly, fans should be able to stand all day long and wheelchair users still be able to see.


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Match: Chelsea vs Hull City 18 August 2013

Published: 23/8/2013


I filmed the following video showing the disabled fans areas at Stamford Bridge, and two photographs. The photographers and people walking past often blocked my view of the game. Wish the club would do more for its disabled fans!!!



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Match: Chelsea vs Hull, 18 August 2013

Published: 23/8/2013


I filmed the following video showing the disabled fans areas at Stamford Bridge, and two photographs. The photographers and people walking past often blocked my view of the game. Wish the club would do more for its disabled fans!!!



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