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Anthony Joy

Spiel: FC Basel v Arsenal, 06/12/16 UEFA Champions League

Veröffentlicht: 12/12/2016


Wheelchair viewing bays in the visitors section

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Anthony Joy

Spiel: FC Basel v Arsenal, 06/12/16 UEFA Champions League

Veröffentlicht: 12/12/2016


Sitting with Friends at St Jakob Park

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Anthony Joy

Spiel: FC Basel v Arsenal, 06/12/16 UEFA Champions League

Veröffentlicht: 12/12/2016


The best part of the Champions League group stages is the opportunity to visit new cities and new grounds. So it was with our trip to FC Basel, and with only an outside chance of topping the group we looked forward to sampling some Swiss hospitality and seeing Arsenal complete one of our more successful qualifying campaigns in recent years.


Getting There & Parking


We spent the day taking in the sights of the Christmas Markets around Basel old town, sampling some Gluwein (think Mulled wine) before heading back to our hotel to layer-up against the bitter cold expected during the game.  Advice for supporters was to use Tram 14 direct to the stadium.  Fortunately our hotel was near to the main trainstation so the tram stop was about 10 minutes walk away.  You can also take Tram 11 one stop to reach Tram 14 stop.  All the trams appeared to have at least one wheelchair accessible door.  There is an external call button, but if you wave at the driver they always came out to assist.   You board via a fold-out ramp from the floor of the tram.


The journey only took 15 minutes, but the tram was quite crowded.  The walk from the city centre takes about 35 minutes; we did this after the game as the crowd for the tram was enormous. 


Arsenal fans were to enter through Gate B; Arsenal stewards present directed me to Gate C to use a lift to the podium level at St.Jakob Park.  I naturally assumed I was in a different part of the ground, sitting with home supporters as is often the case in European away games.   A steward escorted me inside the stadium and along through 2 segregation gates, to the back of the visitors section.  Much like PSG earlier in the group, I was sitting with my own fans.   A really welcome surprise - a few phone calls later, my friends came to join me. 



Spectator Viewing areas 


There were 5 wheelchair bays at the back of the lower tier, with no companion seating beside or to the rear.  Seats were in front but I could easily see over my friends who stood.   This means you are a long way from the pitch – I could see no obvious pitchside wheelchair viewing areas. That said, other than the customary netting around visitors sections in Europe, and the freezing fog the view was good.


After the game, we expected to be kept in, but a steward was there right away to escort us back to the lift at Gate C.   The queue for the Tram was enormous, and in the freezing fog we didn’t want to be standing around so opted to walk back to the city centre.



Getting a Ticket


Our tickets were facilitated through Arsenal, and we’re a cinema style stub ticket (so easy to drop and probably lose!)  We were told to expect ID checks but as often happens, this didn’t materialise.  Even using the lift at Gate C, the whole entry into the ground barely took longer than a few minutes. 




Just on entering the ground at Gate C was a wheelchair accessible toilet but I didn’t have need to make use of it.    I didn’t see one in the visitors section.   




There was a kiosk at the back of the visitors section which although the counter was quite high I could manage.   The bar to designate the entrance/exit for queuing was tight, and I think a power chair may struggle. 




Arsenal pulled off a great win and thanks to a draw in Paris we topped the group. We walked for about 35minutes to find an open bar for some food and celebratory beers. 


 Basel in general


Travelling from Basel airport is easy.   From departures you can take Bus 50 to the main train-station; accessible boarding is via the middle doors and a fold out ramp.   


The streets of Basel are ok, and while there are the usual cobble stones, there is plenty of flat paths to use.   Be a little careful of the tram tracks.  Going up to the Townhall and cathedral involves a very steep hill AND cobbles but it does offer some great views of the city and river. 


Accessible toilets were as actually relatively easy to find.   A well-known fast food restaurant saved the day along Steinenvorstadt, while a Swiss-German Keller style restaurant Zum Braunen Mutz has full access, a toilet and some great Swiss-German fayre! 


All in all, another superb trip.



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