With more than one billion disabled people alive today, it is crucial that service providers offer disabled people the same experience of purchasing tickets as non-disabled people.

In many cases, disabled people are an untapped market for event hosts. Disabled people have their own spending power, and family and friends who are unlikely to attend events that exclude their disabled companions from attending. This can lead to a reduction in both the number of tickets purchased and also other expenditure such as food, drink and merchandise.

Ticketing processes can be a major barrier to disabled people attending sports matches and events. In a 2018 study by Attitude is Everything, 82% of respondents reported that they had experienced problems in booking accessible tickets and 79% had been put off purchasing tickets to future events due to the difficulty in booking accessible tickets.

Download the CAFE Guidance Note on 15 Steps to Create Accessible and Inclusive Ticketing Processes.

This Guidance Note is also available in German.

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