Mark Flewitt
Chair and Trustee

Mark FlewittMark is the current Chair of the AccessibAll Board of Trustees and joined in 2017. His professional background covers 34 years working in banking and finance in UK and Latin America.

Over the past 4 years Mark has also been involved as a Trustee, and recently as Chairman, with a UK charity which runs integration and therapy projects in Romania for the benefit of disabled and disadvantaged children and young people.

Mark is a lifelong supporter of Arsenal FC, and his languages include Spanish and French.

Mark is also on the Supervisory Board for Stichting CAFE

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Core Expertise: Financial Management, Charitable Organisational Leadership, International Project Management.

Olivier Jarosz
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Olivier JaroszOlivier is deeply committed to highlighting the community and social responsibility aspects of football, demonstrating his dedication to promoting inclusivity and accessibility within sports.

Olivier stands out in the field of football club management strategies and possesses an in-depth understanding of club football intricacies. His work encompasses a broad spectrum of club activities, including sports, business, community engagement, and operational management.

Prior to joining AccessibAll, he was the European Club Association (ECA) lead on L&D for over a decade, during which he played a pivotal role in developing influential publications on Club Management, Youth Academies, and Women’s Club Analysis. As a co-author of the Club Management Guide, Olivier meticulously detailed the essential components of football clubs. He also established the Club Management Programme, a pioneering knowledge-sharing platform designed specifically for the professional development of football club executives. Olivier currently acts as board member of LTT Sports.

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Core Expertise: Football Club Strategy, Change Management, Club Management Innovation.

Joana Cal
Director and Trustee

Joana CalJoana has a background in both the corporate world and the third sector. She is currently the Director of Operations at Integrated Dreams - a non-profit organisation working to promote disability inclusion in non-playing aspects of the sport industry, including through education, network and partnership building, and the creation of employment opportunities for disabled people.

Prior to her role at Integrated Dreams, Joana had over ten years of experience as a lawyer in Europe and Asia, and was the Founder and Manager of the Macau Touch Rugby League.

She is an AISTS graduate, with a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) degree in Sports Management and Technology.

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Core Expertise: Leadership, Human Rights and Advocacy, Disability Inclusion.

Kush Kanodia
Director and Trustee

Kush KanodiaKush is a former executive trustee of AccessibAll's partner organisation Level Playing Field, and has been a disabled football supporter for over 25 years. He was also a member of the Chelsea Disabled Supporters Association (CDSA).

Kush, a Delivery Improvement Consultant with the North East London Commissioning Support Unit at the NHS, is also a trustee for the charity Ability Net which focuses on making technology accessible for disabled people.

Previously, Kush co-founded Choice International. He also gained management and leadership experience, working at Morgan Stanley Capital International. He has helped pioneer and develop best practices in equality and diversity for a number of large multinational organisations.

Kush is also on the Supervisory Board for Stichting CAFE.

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Core Expertise: Social Entrepreneurship, Disability Advocacy, Digital Innovation.

John Roberts
Director and Trustee

John joined the AccessibAll Board of Directors in 2020, bringing over 25 years of experience in stadium design and architecture to the team.
John Roberts sitting at a desk looking at the camera. black and white.

As Director of AFL Architects’ Sports & Leisure sector, John has managed and delivered projects for some of the world’s most high-profile clubs and major sporting events. He has extensive global experience in stadia design, having written and updated design guides for the Football Licensing Authority and English Cricket Board, and has presented papers to UEFA. Under his directorship, the practice has recently completed the design and delivery of Brentford Community Stadium, a benchmark for inclusive and accessible stadium design.

In addition, his most recent major project has been the delivery of the 80,000 capacity Lusail Stadium, the largest stadium and centrepiece venue for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

As a strong believer in inclusive design and a fully accessible matchday experience, John regularly refers to Access for All in meeting and exceeding European standards on stadium builds and renovation projects.

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Core Expertise: Sports Architecture, Venue Design, Event Infrastructure Planning.

Eleni Theodorou
Director and Trustee

Eleni TheodorouEleni is a young professsional with a hybrid background in both the private and the public sector. She has researched and conducted reports for the WHO, Geneva Gender Champions and Cern, Philanthropy Advisors and won multiple awards such as the All4Youth Innovation Challenge by Nestlé, EY, Firmenich and others. Her new endeavor includes supporting We Share Ventures, an impact investor for social enterprises, as an investor relations and strategy advisor

Eleni is currently conducting a consultancy with the Global Business and Disability Network on business for the International Labour Organisation. She is also the partnerships manager for Movement on the Ground, a humanitarian organisation.

Eleni has a deep interest in corporate impact investing and venture philanthropy for disability. Her goal is to create a mindset shift in order to show that disability inclusion is good business, and disabled people are a human capital that companies should invest in.

Eleni is also a member of the Management Board for Stichting CAFE

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Core Expertise: Corporate Impact Investing, Venture Philanthropy, Disability Inclusion.

Dmytro Zharyi
Director and Trustee

Dmytro ZharyiDmytro is a highly experienced professional lawyer with a particular interest in the application of human rights for increased equality and inclusion. Originally from Ukraine, Dmytro is now based in Switzerland and joined the AccessibAll Board of Directors in August 2022.

Dmytro founded a legal firm in Ukraine working passionately to represent disabled people challenging disability discrimination in the employment market. From 2009, Dmytro has provided advice to the National Assembly of Disabled People in Ukraine - a long-term partner of AccessibAll dating back to UEFA EURO 2012 - and in 2020 he was elected as a member of a special committee of the Ukrainian National Bar Association to protect the rights of disabled people. It was during these works around UEFA EURO 2012 that Dmytro first worked with AccessibAll, and has been a strong advocate of our works ever since.

A keen football fan, Dmytro helped to found Parafan Club Dnipro - the disabled supporters association at FC Dnipro. The DSA took part in a number of initiatives, including the #TotalAccess Week of Action, to raise wider awareness around access and inclusion and empowered many of the club's disabled fans. Dmytro also worked as an accredited journalist at the club's stadium, with his articles published in major newspapers across the country.

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Core Expertise: International Law, Advocacy, Human Rights.