Ahead of the UEFA EURO 2020 quarter finals involving Spain we caught up with José Antonio Martín García, who shared his experience of attending his first national team game.

What is your favourite memory of watching your national team?

My favourite memory is now from the EURO 2020 match Croatia vs Spain that I attended with my friend José in Copenhagen. When Spain scored the 4th goal during the extra time we hugged and celebrated together with the rest of the fans. It was an awesome moment in an epic match, and something I've never seen before live. It's definitely the best game I have ever been to!

How important is it that you are able to attend live matches? 

I have a quite an independent life. I take part in lots of activities and have my job as a software developer. To attend to a live match helps me to keep being independent and active social life. I have loved football since I was a child.

Why is it important that access and inclusion is taken into consideration at stadiums? 

Sport fans are very diverse and it is everyone’s right to allow that diverse audience to enjoy the show in the best environment as possible. If we want to progress as a society, the integration of disabled people should be applied in as many areas as possible including football.

How did you feel about being able to go back to watching your team live?

I feel really excited as it was the first time I watched live my national team in a competition like UEFA EURO 2020.

What impact do you hope UEFA EURO 2020 will have on accessibility for disabled supporters across each of the host cities? 

I hope UEFA EURO 2020 will engage and motivate disabled supporters to go to watch more matches live in the stadiums as they will see it is possible to do this.

What advice would you give to disabled fans who may be attending their first ever live matches during UEFA EURO 2020?

Once you know you have accessible tickets, arrive early at the stadium, be there at least 1 hour in advance, if not sooner. It helps in case you have problems reaching the stadium or when at the stadium.

You attended Spain v Croatia in Copenhagen, tell us how found that experience as a disabled supporter? 

The feeling at hearing the national anthem live is hard to describe and the joy after every goal for Spain too. It was just immense!

What are you most looking forward to for the rest of UEFA EURO 2020?

I am looking forward to seeing Spain winning the final, of course! 

As we are now approaching the quarter-finals, who do you think will win UEFA EURO 2020? 

I think Spain or Italy will win UEFA EURO 2020.

Which players do you think will be the stars of the rest of the tournament?

For Spain, it will be Álvaro Morata, Pedri and Sergio Busquets. For the other teams I think Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling and Ciro Immobile will have big parts to play.

We would like to thank José Antonio for sharing his experiences with us and taking part in the UEFA EURO 2020 Fan Stories series. 

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Published 1/7/2021