Oleg Gab

I first became a football fan around the time of the 1982 FIFA World Cup, which took place in Spain. At the time I was serving in the army and working for the Kiev police, and so my favourite team is Dynamo Kiev.

I am originally from Sumy, and the local team plays in the First Football League in Ukraine. I have watched matches there since I was 15, and often attend matches there nowadays. The stadium is comfortable for me to visit as a disabled fan, which means that I can support the team.

Some of my best experiences as a football fan took place at UEFA EURO 2012. I went to Kharkiv and watched Germany vs the Netherlands, and to Kiev to watch Ukraine vs Sweden.

I will never forget the Ukraine vs France match in autumn 2013, when our team won 2-0. Attending that match is one of my greatest ever memories!

I love football and believe that all fans should be able to attend live matches. I hope that disabled fans in Sumy can work together and create a disabled supporters association.