My name is Marek, and I am nine years old. I have been going to watch my team with my dad ever since I was six, and I want to be a football player when I am older.

My team, Lechia Gdansk, play at the new PGE Arena where some UEFA EURO 2012 games will be played. When we first moved to this stadium, the railings on the wheelchair platform were too high and it was difficult to watch the match. It is a lot easier for me now as they are much lower. The stadium is now a lot more accessible and that makes for an even better occasion for me.

My dad says that the parking still isn’t great, but a lot of changes have been made and hopefully this can improve too. We have a lot of good friends who also watch the match with us, and we talk to the Lechia fans organisation a lot.

I watched Lechia play against Slask Wroclaw recently. The two clubs, and especially the disabled supporters, are very friendly.

Before the match, twenty Lechia fans that have moved to the UK arrived back to Gdansk to watch the team. We had a party at my house the night before the match. They bring me lots of scarves and shirts, and we have lots of fun whenever they are here. They give me support and, when I’m a professional footballer, I hope they will carry on supporting me.

I think that watching my team is like the engine in a motorbike. The more I watch them, the more it pushes me to work hard and exercise.

Published 16/05/2012