I was invited along to a meeting on 8th September with the new DSA & Dundee FC to discuss progress and the formation of a National DSA in Scotland.

However more importantly I need to congratulate Dundee F.C. Disabled Supporters Club on how well they have done organising and setting up the new club. Another major plus is the support from the club and a great deal of thanks should go to Neil Cosgrove Dundee F.C. Disabled Liason Officer whose support has been tremendous.

Some key elements of their success are listed below:-

* Financial donations obtained to put club on firm financial footing

* Now have 20 members and growing which is great for a SFL club

* Monthly meetings well attended and scheduled throughout the year

* Dundee F.C. keen to have meetings in stadium and providing free use of the Legends Lounge which is fully accessible(picture taken in the lounge)

* Fund raising lottery scheme set up providing regular weekly income

At wonderful example of how successful a DSA working with the club can be arose during the meeting. A point was raised about wheelchair user season tickets reflecting specific spaces and seat numbers yet the actual space and seats did not have any signage or marking at all leading to some confusion.On behalf of the club Neil agreed it was perfectly reasonable and justified to have this corrected and he would action this as soon as possible.Good example for other DSA and clubs to learn from

Keith Ferguson UK & Eire Development Officer

Published 16/09/2010