The CAFE team was delighted to celebrate this season's CAFE Week of Action in Switzerland, with our friends at Radio Blind Power providing audio-descriptive commentary for partially sighted and blind fans at a number of matches.

Since 2016, Radio Blind Power has been broadcasting audio-descriptive commentary at selected games from the Swiss Raiffeisen Super League, enabling partially sighted and blind fans to closely follow the game.

Currently, Radio Blind Power offers audio-descriptive commentary at three matches per round (three games every weekend), and are aiming to increase this number at a later time. Listeners can tune in from home, on the road and from within the stadium by visiting

During the opening weekend of the CAFE Week of Action, Radio Blind Power provided audio-descriptive commentary at the Grasshopper Club Zurich vs FC Lausanne-Sport and FC Thun vs FC St Gallen matches. During the second weekend of the initiative, the service will be provided at FC Zurich vs FC Lugano, FC Luzern vs FC Basel and BSC Young Boys vs Grasshopper Club Zurich.

"Many partially sighted and blind people benefit greatly from an audio-descriptive commentary being available at live matches", said Yves Kilchoer, the leader of the project who is partially sighted himself.

Yves said, "Football is Switzerland's most important sport, attracting thousands of fans in Stadiums all over the country every week. Now, partially sighted people can  follow the games as well and discuss them with their friends later".

Radio Blind Power runs the project in partnership with Swiss Super League and the Raiffeisen Bank. "The Swiss Super League as well as their biggest sponsor are promoting integration of partially sighted and blind people every week, setting a great example for others to follow.", added Yves.

"Radio Blind Power is delighted to participate in the CAFE Week of Action - Total Football Total Access. Radio Blind Power wants the fascinating sport of football to be accessible for blind and partially sighted people, believing that it's one big step towards social integration and complete equality for disabled people".

A huge thank you to Radio Blind Power for joining us in celebrating Total Football Total Access again this season!

In addition to providing audio-descriptive commentary, Radio Blind Power also actively promotes the social integration of partially sighted and blind people. It offers training for future radio broadcasters, and produces audio reports covering accessibility and integration topics.

The broadcasts can be found online at Further information can also be obtained on Facebook at

Published 18/03/2018