President of the Croatian Football Federation Vlatko Marković has issued a public apology to the entire Croatian nation over some of the comments he made in a recently published interview in Večernji List.

“I am sorry that my words were somehow taken the wrong way among the public. I’m sorry for any clumsy interpretation. It was certainly not my intention to insult or hurt anyone. There can be no doubt that as a long-serving sports official, a sports coach, and a citizen of Europe, I truly have absolutely nothing against members of any minority, and least of all against those who are of a same-sex sexual orientation,” Marković stated for our website, and added:

“I have personally been involved in dozens of humanitarian projects, particularly ones that advocate the values of equality, and since it was founded the Croatian Football Federation has demonstrated enormous concern for numerous humanitarian causes, ranging from full support for UNICEF, the FARE campaign, the creation of its own Blazing Heart Foundation, and numerous other activities. As such, it is fully committed and dedicated to promoting sport and fostering the game of football, in the spirit of fair play and bringing all people closer together in the sporting arena. As the umbrella football organisation in Croatia, the Croatian Football Federation is absolutely against any form of discrimination.

“Accordingly, I wish to apologise once more on my own behalf to all those who may have been hurt by parts of my interview published in Večernji List,” concluded the President of the CFF Vlatko Marković in his statement.

Article from CFF:

Published 15/11/2010