To mark International Day of Disabled People 2012, CAFE Managing Director Joyce Cook spoke at a TEDx Whitehall Women event in London, UK.

Joyce introduced the room to the works of CAFE and outlined just why our aim to improve accessibility to football stadiums across Europe is so important. Entitled ‘The Power of Inclusion’, Joyce’s impassioned speech included statistics regarding disability in Europe and personal experiences of how football can bring people together. Joyce left a final message, urging the assembled guests to query access provisions in bars, restaurants and venues, and to get people talking and thinking more about access.

Joyce Cook - 'The Power of Inclusion:

Another speaker at the event was Martine Wright, a member of the Great Britain women’s sitting volleyball team who competed at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London. Martine is well-known as a survivor of the 7/7 terrorist attacks on London in 2005, when she lost both of her legs. Martine’s talk was entitled, ‘7/7, Survival and a Whole New Life of Opportunities’, and you can view this below.

Martine Wright - ‘7/7, Survival and a Whole New Life of Opportunities’:

Published 17/01/2013