On Wednesday 12 January 2022, the Football for All Disability in Football Alliance came together to hold its first virtual meeting, with 30 representatives from organisations focused and passionate about disability inclusion across football. 

The meeting was organised and hosted by Joanna Deagle, Managing Director of CAFEEli Wolff of Disability in Sport / Power of Sport and José Soares and Joana Cal, both of Integrated Dreams and the Football For All Leadership Programme

The alliance aims to ensure disabled people’s participation beyond playing aspects of sport and address the low level of disabled people in decision making roles in football.

With a lack of awareness amongst footballing leadership, relying on a small number of champions, and a very limited number of core strategies that directly target disability inclusion, the decision was made to bring together some of the organisations working on this matter, creating a space that connects and helps to drive the topic forward in a cohesive way.

During this introductory meeting, the alliance structure and plans for future meetings were presented. A panel discussion around 'Learning from Other Movements and Networks' was organised with with contributions from prominent champions including Moya Dodd, Piara Powar (Fare Network) and Vladimir Borkovic (streetfootballworld). 

The alliance is not membership based, but represents organisations and individuals that are focused and passionate about the big picture of disability inclusion. It aims to act as a vehicle to connect, raise awareness and push the disability-inclusion agenda forward. 

For more information about the alliance and future meetings, please contact Joanna by email to [email protected] or call +44 (0)7463 697 659. 

Published 21/1/2022