We are delighted to announce that the first special CAFE prize was awarded to Mrs Sylwia Zapisek for her outstanding contribution in increasing the equal access to football for disabled supporters. The award was presented by Maria Popielawska, CAFE Manager in Poland, during the ceremony by unveiling the memory board and giving the name of Dawid Zapisek, the loyal football fan, to the sector "S" at stadium PGE Arena in Gdansk at April 14th 2013.

The memorial board was revealed by Sylwia Zapisek, David's mother and Chairman of the Board of Disabled Supporters Association of Dawid Zapisek, together with Mr Andrzej Bojanowski, Deputy President of Gdansk.

Sylwia, for many years, has been involved in the promotion of equal access to football for all supporters. At the end of 2012 together with the group of disabled supporters, football players and persons connected to football, she established Disabled Supporters Association of Dawid Zapisek, of which she is a Chairman today. Sylwia is also a voice of many disabled supporters and their families, participating actively in the public debate about equality, total access to everything.

CAFE congratulates Mrs Sylwia Zapisek and we keep our fingers crossed for her future activity!

A version of this article is also available in Polish.

Published 17/04/2013