The Fare Football People action weeks unite supporters, clubs, ethnic minorities and communities affected by discrimination across the continent in a concerted effort to make discrimination a thing of the past.

The Fare Football People weeks challenge discrimination and celebrate the contribution we all make to football, wherever we live, whatever our connection to the game, whatever our background.

The Football People weeks aim to:

  • Increase public awareness of discrimination in football
    • Create a united front by bringing together everyone in football
    • Develop ideas and new practices that challenge exclusion

A key part of the activities are the events that further social inclusion by bringing people of different communities together through sport.

What started as a minor campaign in nine countries in 2001 has now become the largest series of anti-discrimination activities in sport. In 2014, over 2,000 activities took place in 59 countries, including Mexico and Vietnam, with some of Europe’s top stars lending support to the campaign through the #IAMFOOTBALLPEOPLE hash tag, such as Didier Drogba, Eric Abidal and Buffon.

All UEFA Europa League, Champions League and EURO 2016 Qualifying matches took part in the campaign, reaching fans directly at the matches and millions more through television. In 2014, 24 leagues participated in the Action Weeks and 18 European FAs actively supported the initiative.

Fare offers financial support for different types of activities. TheyFare Football People Action Weeks 2015 are able to provide small grants for up to 250 groups and offer larger Events grants to support nationwide activities.

Every year groups including fan groups, ethnic minority organisations, football clubs and a variety of NGOs from all over Europe organise activities and launch initiatives to challenge racism and discrimination. Fare’s long-term focus on the situation in Eastern and Central Europe has led to an increasing involvement of groups in the Balkans, the former Soviet republics and the new EU members such as Croatia.

In 2015, the Football People weeks will run between 08-22 October.

Published 22/09/2015