On December 4th, 2013 NSC Olympiyskiy Stadium in Kiev welcomed disabled people who came to attend a tour around the stadium and visit the new-brand stadium museum.

Firstly the guests were shown to the dedicated spaces for wheelchair users so that they could assess the comfort level and the pitch view. After this, they had a chance to make a stadium tour that had been specifically designed to be fully accessible for all disabled people.

CAFE has been working closely with the Olympiyskiy Stadium to launch these special tours to the wider public around the International Day of Disabled People.

The tour was followed by the visit to the stadium museum which had been opened to the 90th anniversary of the Olympiyskiy stadium.

The stadium encourages more disabled supporters to come with their families and friends to enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere of the stadium on match and non-match days.

A version of this article is also available in Ukrainian.

Published 12/12/2013