The CAFE Week of Action has been celebrated in Romania for the first time ever, with Politehnica Timișoara hosting a Total Football Total Access event last weekend.

Ahead of the club's match with Academica Clinceni, Politehnica invited disabled fans from the Ceva de Spus association to join them at the stadium.

Ceva de Spus translates into Something to Say - they are a group of self-advocates working to make sure the voices of disabled people in Romania are heard. The association aims to promote positive examples of access and inclusion in Romanian society, and ensure that disabled people are treated with respect and dignity.

For more information about the Ceva de Spus association, please visit their website here.

Prior to kick off, the gathered disabled fans were brought pitchside to meet the Politehnica Timișoara players. A statement of support for the CAFE Week of Action was read by the stadium announcer, and players held a CAFE Week of Action banner in front of the crowd.

The event proved to be very popular, and has received exposure from both the local and national media in Romania. The ceremony also features in a matchday video published by the club here.

Politehnica Timișoara will continue to work with the Ceva de Spus association, and have already arranged to meet again to discuss how they can make matchdays even better for disabled fans.

The club also aims to publish an accessible version of their website in the near future, with a particular focus on enabling partially sighted and blind fans to access it.

CAFE is pleased to be working with Politehnica Timișoara, and we thank everyone at the club and the Ceva de Spus association for joining us in celebrating Total Football Total Access!

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Published 15/03/2018