To coincide with the launch of the CAFE Week of Action 2020, CAFE is pleased to publish our new animation video showcasing some of our key projects and partnership with UEFA.

The eighth annual CAFE Week of Action kicks off on 7 March 2020, running until 15 March. The initiative, celebrating Total Football #TotalAccess, has continued to grow each year since its creation in 2013.

Activities are taking place across Europe and beyond to promote the wider inclusion of disabled people through the unique power of football, with stakeholders from across the game coming together with one clear message - football is for everyone.

The video, which has also been shared across our social media channels, outlines CAFE and UEFA's shared commitment to turning football into a game that is accessible, inclusive and welcoming for all.

It also conveys a powerful message that #TotalAccess doesn't just mean more disabled fans being able to attend matches, but that they can also enjoy a quality experience similar to that of their fellow fans inside the stadium.

The video is available to view below, and also on our YouTube page here.

If you are not already taking part in this season's CAFE Week of Action, there is still time to get involved. You can download the CAFE Week of Action information pack, including a list of suggested activities, and other resources here.

We can also provide you with a template statement of support to publish on your own official channels. If you would be interested in receiving this, or would like to find out more about the CAFE Week of Action, please email [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)208 065 5108.

We hope that you enjoy our new animation video, and join us in celebrating Total Football #TotalAccess!

Published 6/3/2020