At our recent conference, 'Total Football, Total Access', we were delighted to announce the first twinning of two disabled supporters associations. Nikki Oldroyd of the Hibernian FC DSA in Scotland was joined on stage by Johan ten Hoove of Rollyside, who work with supporters of FC Groningen of the Netherlands.

With a handshake, both DSA's entered into an official twinning and will now look to support each other whenever possible. This was observed by CAFE Western European Development Officer Keith Ferguson, who said, "Everybody will be familiar with the concept of twinning with many cities in Europe twinned with one or more cites elsewhere in both Europe and the rest of the world".

Let’s see if we can have five more twinned DSA’s set up by the end of the year. If your DSA is interested in such an arrangement, please email [email protected] for further information and support.

Published 13/10/2011