On 2nd of March, CAFE’s Project Coordinator in Ukraine Olena Zhyvaikina held disability awareness training for stadium staff of FC Metalist.

On that day, FC Metalist had a game against FC Metallurg Donetsk, so three hours before this match all the stewards (first of all 50 stewards on the stands for disabled football supporters) were gathered in the press-conference room.

This presentation was a part of cooperation between CAFE and FC Metalist, and our goals were a better understanding of disability, the emphasising the power of inclusivity, finding effective ways of assisting disabled people and the good business sense of providing good access and inclusion for disabled customers.

The stewards were interested in improving their communication skills towards disabled football supporters and participated actively in our tests and practical exercises.

The representatives of the football club were thankful for holding the disability awareness training and informed CAFE that FC Metalist is ready to regularly have such training in order constantly to improve the services at the stadium.

A version of this article is also available in Russian and Ukrainian.

Published 27/03/2013