CAFE Chairman David Bernstein CBE spoke on BBC Radio 5 Live at the weekend, discussing the role of CAFE and sister-charity Level Playing Field in improving access to stadiums for disabled fans.

David took part in a wider debate on equality and diversity in football with host Garry Richardson, QPR Owner Tony Fernandes and John Amaechi.

David said, "Only 14 of the 92 clubs [in the English leagues] comply with minimum wheelchair spaces for example. The behaviour towards disabled people is in some cases absolutely appalling. At 33 of the 92 clubs, disabled fans can't sit with their own fans at away matches".

"UEFA have been very, very progressive. They are taking a case out against Paris Saint Germain for the alleged abuse of 5 disabled Chelsea fans. These sort of things are going on in this country but we don't seem to be acting on it".

Published 27/05/2014