Vadim Novinsky, Hononary President of FC Sevastopol,received a CAFE letter of thanks from the local Disabled Supporters Group- Dolphins.

The Centre for Access to Football in Europe decided to recognize the support that the club continuously gives to its disabled fans and the promotion of accessibility awareness in the region.

The cooperation between CAFE, FC Sevastopol and local disabled people NGO started during the reconstruction of the Sevastopol stadium in 2010. With CAFE’s recommendations and guidance, there are now dedicated accessible facilities for disabled supporters and their PAs, accessible toilets, ticket offices and a conference room at the stadium. The first match at the new arena was an unforgettable event for all local disabled fans.

FC Sevastopol provides their disabled fans with all-round support: e.g. the club provides transport to the stadium for the members of the local Disabled Supporters Group.

As a result of this cooperation between the fans and the football club, disabled supporters get to be part of the great football festival.

A version of this article is also available in Ukrainian.

Published 17/06/2013